Magpie Archive

Our complete puzzle archive is now available to browse and search here.

After much debate about how to approach it, and considering why people would go to the archives, we have decided to make material available on a puzzle rather than issue basis.

This allows us to separate solutions from the sets of puzzles they appeared with originally, which were only there because of submission deadlines. Anyone buying single issues will not want solutions to a different set of puzzles. Also anachronistic and unnecessary material such as out-of-date editorials, stats, party invitations and requests for subscriptions has been removed. But most importantly it gives buyers the flexibility to choose precisely the puzzles they are interested in.

Pricing Structure

Single puzzles: £1.00 each
One issue (usually six puzzles including one numerical): £5.00
One year (12 issues): £50.00
Multiple years: £40.00 each

Specialist bundles:

One year of Magpie Prize puzzles: £10.00
One year of Numerical Prize puzzles: £10.00
One year of entry-level (usually A Grade) puzzles: £10.00
Multiple years of the above bundles: £8.00 each

We are happy to price for you any custom bundles you might want – for example a particular setter, or just E grade puzzles!
Discounts also apply in this case for more than one ‘issue’s-worth’. Six puzzles for the price of five and, for the really keen, six ‘issues’ for five on top of that (36 puzzles for the price of 25).
Worked solutions comprising filled grids, clue explanations and explanatory notes are available at 25% of the advertised puzzle prices.

Email us your list of required puzzles using this link and we will send them to you as soon as we can.

Payment Details

Payment for archive puzzles is exactly as for subscriptions. Please use your name as a reference and contact us via to let us know you have paid.

Within the UK:
Account Name: The Magpie
Sort Code: 09-01-27
Account Number: 40533621

PayPal transfers to are equally welcome.

We much prefer electronic transfers to cheques (but of course cheques to the usual address will be accepted).

For overseas subscribers not using PayPal:
Address: Abbey
301 St Vincent St
Glasgow G2 5HN
Swiftcode: ABBYGB2L
IBAN: GB11ABBY09012740533621
If paying from overseas please allow sufficient extra to cover exchange rates and/or any international transfer charges your bank may levy.